Personality Awakening
Country: Singapore
Media: Experimental Film
Year: 2023

Personality Awakening reflects on societal definitions of the self. In our daily lives, we often confine ourselves within specific personality tests and definitions. However, the true essence of everyone is a complex and diverse existence. The artwork expresses that each person possesses a unique personality, prompting viewers to engage in profound introspection about their inner selves.

It is an experimental short film that intricately represents different facets of personality through four scenes. Each scene is accompanied by a distinct soundtrack & visual elements, and as the film progresses, these soundtracks $ visual elements gradually blend together, symbolizing that our personalities are formed by the merging of diverse facets. This experimental presentation vividly showcases the diversity and complexity of personality, guiding viewers to contemplate the layers and multiplicities within their inner worlds. Through the interplay of visual and auditory elements, the artwork challenges traditional notions of self-awareness, sparking profound reflections on the essence of personality.

โ€œAlice is everyone.โ€
โ€œBarnum Effect. โ€œ